If you are unsure whether or not your job was successfully posted to our site, here are a few ways that you can check: 

  1. Search the home page. After you purchase your job posting, it can take up to a half hour for your job to show on our site, but once the system updates, your posting will appear on the home page. If it does not appear on the home page, it may be because there were enough jobs posted after yours and so your posting has moved too far down the list to appear on the home page. Simply click the "View All Jobs" button to search for your job in the list. 
  2. Check your account. When your job has been successfully posted, the "My Job Postings" section of your account will reflect it. If your account shows a "0" under "Post Days Left" next to the job title, then your job is not currently active on our site. If the text link to the far right says "Start", then your job posting has never been active on our site. If you are re-posting a job, then the link should say "Renew", but if the post days left still says "0", then your job was not renewed properly. 

What you can do: 

If you believe that your job was not successfully posted, then you can follow these steps to activate your job:

  1. Login to your ChristianJobs account.
  2. Select the "Employers"  button on the top right of the page.
  3. Hover over the "My Account" option in the toolbar, and select the "My Job Postings" tab.
  4. On the line where you see the job in which that you've entered in the details, select the "Start" or "Renew" link to the right.
  5. On the next page, select the existing credit in the drop-down menu in the "Unused Job Postings" box that is located towards the top of the page, and then select "Continue to Step 2".
  6. Make any desired changes to your Job Information and then click "Continue to Step 3."
  7. Confirm that everything is correct on the preview page. If it is not, select "Back to Editing" and make the necessary changes. If your job posting looks satisfactory, then select "Post Job Now"

Your job posting will appear on our homepage within the next 30 minutes.